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Interested in working with me? I provide 1-on-1 intuitive services including general intuitive support, tarot and astrology readings, and spiritual and tarot mentorship. As a change doula, I’m passionate about the alchemy of personal healing and collective justice, with a deep belief that we can change the world through our own healing. I hold supportive space for folks who need a little nurturing, a new perspective, or some guidance in moving through challenge.

My aim is guide you through transformational healing experiences in the form of a mirror, rather than an instruction manual. I use my intuition and tools like tarot and astrology to help you see yourself more deeply and to build self-trust. You might work with me when going through a specific challenge, when you have a question you’re struggling to answer alone, when you’re looking for tools and support, or when you simply want to experience being seen and prioritized inside a supportive container.

Check out my service descriptions and book below! I encourage you to consider a 30-minute free call, absolutely no strings attached, if you’re not sure whether my services are right for you. This is also the best way to learn about working together over a period of time. Packages are available at a discounted rate, and working with you for three, six, or twelve sessions allows me to create an even more supportive container where I’m able to guide you through a season of your life and go more in depth with your natal chart, the cards, and suggested practices.


Inspired by the beautiful imaginative and liminal medicine of the planet Neptune (a favorite of mine as a Piscean!) in these 90-minute sessions I hold sacred space for you to bring up whatever’s on your mind and explore possibilities together.

A Neptune Session is perfect if you just really could use some gentle support around where you are in life right now, or if you have specific questions / issues you’re wrestling with. Using my own unique intuitive magic, I’ll feel into what might be most supportive to you in the moment, which may include tarot, astrology, channeled messages, embodied practices, or simply deep listening and reflection.

This offering is perfect for folks who are open to the magic that happens in the “in between spaces,” curious about what intuitive support looks like, or just need to carve out space to be held and seen and supported. This session is all about the present moment, so I won’t study your birth chart in advance or do a detailed write up, but I will absolutely be available for follow-up questions and reflections as they come up.

If you have a preference for a specific modality (for example, you’re looking for general astrology reading), I can definitely incorporate or focus on that, but I may suggest alternatives in the session if I’m feeling that you might need something that’s not immediately obvious! This is also a great way to get to know me and my work style before diving into a spiritual mentoring package or other supports I offer as a change doula.

Note that if you'd like me to be able to incorporate astrology into our session, I'll need you to provide a birth date, time, and location in the booking form.

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90 minutes, $150 launch rate!
BIPOC? See below for sliding scale.

Looking for a more affordable option than the Neptune Session? Can’t quite find ninety minutes in your schedule? This 60-minute reading with tarot and oracle cards is for you! We can look into a specific question or topic in this container, or you can ask for more general guidance.

Book a Live ReadingOrder a Written or Video Reading

60 minutes (or written equivalent), $110 launch rate!
BIPOC? See below for sliding scale.

Have a specific question you just need some quick support on? These readings, available written or recorded only, will give you some focused insight with tarot and oracle. Looking for a live reading? Check out the Deep Dive option instead.

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30 minutes (or written equivalent), $60
BIPOC? See below for sliding scale.


I recommend you sign up for my newsletter! You’ll get to know me and my approach to healing and justice a bit more, and it’s completely free. If you find my writing supportive, you have the option to contribute financially and share with your friends, both of which are super helpful for me. If you want to go deeper and get some personalized support, then I’d be thrilled to work with you 1-on-1!

My work can be a compliment to any of these services. I am not a trained therapist and working with me is not a substitute for therapy. I do provide spiritual guidance, and you may find my services supportive if you are developing a spiritual practice outside of a specific religion, as well as if you already have a religious practice and are looking for additional perspectives. You may find working with me through a series of sessions similar, in some ways, to life coaching, but if you are looking for detailed action plans or support to reach a particular defined result, working with a coach instead of or in addition to me will likely be supportive. I am more than happy to make a referral!

I offer a sliding scale for all BIPOC for 1-on-1 sessions. If this applies to you, there are no questions asked: just book as normal and pay what you can, rather than the posted rate, writing “BIPOC sliding scale” in the notes section when you pay. White clients, please understand that this business is my full-time job, and I set rates as accessibly as possible to sustain my practice. I chose this sliding scale model as someone who benefits from white and settler colonialist privilege living in the so-called United States. I am willing to barter—just drop me an email describing what you’d like to trade and I’ll let you know if I’m interested!

For written and recorded readings, I honor a turnaround time of two weeks. Payment is non-refundable. For live sessions of any kind, you are welcome to cancel or reschedule your booking up to 24 hours in advance of our scheduled time. I do not offer refunds after that point; however if an emergency comes up please reach out and let me know! If you are running late, I will stay in the meeting room for 15 minutes before I consider it a no show and close the room. Please note that if you are late, I may not be able to extend our session end time and partial refunds are not available.

I will intuitively select one or more decks for your reading from my collection of 100+ decks, and I am happy to honor any preferences you have. Some examples of common requests including using deck(s) featuring one or more of your identities, deck(s) without people or with an animal/plant/nature focus, deck(s) with a darker or lighter theme, diverse deck(s), modern imagery, etc. You can also feel free to name one or more decks that you really like if you're more familiar with tarot and oracle, and I'll use that deck if I have it or pick something similar from my collection. In most cases I will use one tarot deck and one oracle deck, but for a deep dive reading I may use more decks.


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